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Macedonia: trying hard – can it do it? by Andrew MacDowall

A third of the population is below the poverty line and unemployment is running at more than 30 per cent. Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe. That hasn’t stopped the government running a concerted and doubtless expensive campaign to promote the country as an investment destination – and as a regional poster boy for economic reform.

The inexplicable irrationality of Greek Nationalists

The Balkans are a strange place. Nations hate the nations they border and are friends with the ones they have no physical contact. Unfortunately, the Balkans are big and mountainous, while the nations occupying them are small and obstinate, which accounts for much more hatred than friendship. The feud between Macedonia and Greece is well known and much has been written about it from every possible point of view.

Name dispute or ethnic misdeeds?

In August 1903, Macedonian patriots rose against the Ottoman Empire. While they won Macedonian independence for only a limited time, it was clear that Macedonian national consciousness was alive.

„Who are the true Macedonians?“ by Borce Georgevski

In this discussions that follows I will present unaltered material directly from primary sources from which the Greek side draws its arguments. Secondary sources will also be utilized, particularly those which appear to be unbiased towards neither the Greek or Macedonian point of view. And finally I will present both sides of the arguments including their interpretations.

The Theft of a King: Who Stole Alexander (by J.S.G. Gandeto)

The aim of this work is to present to my readers the other side of the story, the one that 19th century European intellectuals have forgotten to tell, or purposefully neglected to mention in their portrayal of the Macedonians. I have attempted, with no heed to political correctness, to simply tell our view of the events that have taken place in the last few centuries and to show how these events affected the Macedonian people in general and their existence in particular. The various topics that I have covered and discussed with my opponents represent my views only; my heartfelt feelings and frustrations about the Macedonian plight that to many of you, was, and still is, terra incognita.