Modern Greece and the Macedonian Heritage – Part 8 – Connecting the Past with the Present

When the crazy idea of creating „Hellenes“ out of the Modern Barbarian ethnic groups, who during the late 18th and early 19th centuries were living on the same lands as the people from the Ancient City States of 2,500 years ago, was starting to take root a history had to be written for them. This would be no ordinary history but a history that would extend their lineage connecting their modern existence with that of their ancient.

UMD Strongly Condemns Sofia Mayor Borisov’s Plans to „Buy“ Macedonia

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) categorically condemns Sofia mayor Boyko Borisov’s recent statements in Chicago advocating an effective „buyout“ of Macedonia by Bulgarians to ensure „friendly relations“ between the two states. „Such a statement by a leading politician of an EU and NATO member is deeply troubling and reveals a fundamental ignorance of the principles on which both organizations were founded,“ stated UMD President, Metodija A. Koloski.

Modern Greece and the Macedonian Heritage – Part 6: On the way to Hellenism

„In 1821, the Greeks rose in revolt against the rule of Turkey and declared themselves an independent nation. Their goal was far more ambitious than freedom alone, for they proclaimed the resurrection of an ancient vision in which liberty was but a single component. That vision was Hellas-the achievements of the ancient Greeks in knowledge, morality, and art, summed up in one evocative word. …

I am Macedonian – period!

How is it possible in the 21st century for someone else to decide who I am, or who I am not? Does the „universal human right to self determination“ as declared by the United Nations not apply to me? Am I excluded from this declaration?

How does one become what or who he or she is? Is it the government that decides? The priest, the church, the United Nations…? Who has the power to decide ethnically and nationally who I am, what language I can speak, what songs I can sing, what dances I can dance,…. And if anyone has that right who has given it to him or her?

My mother was Macedonian, my grandmothers were Macedonian, and my great grandmothers were Macedonian as were their parents; they told me so themselves! So what am I now CHINESE? Not that I want to be one but even if I wanted to I cannot be anything but Macedonian because all my ancestors were Macedonian!

In the beginning of the 20th century my ancestors struggled to free themselves and Macedonia from the grip of the Ottoman occupiers as did the other nations in the Balkans. After five centuries of occupation it was time for freedom; time for the Ottomans to leave. The spirit of freedom was felt everywhere and blood was spilled to achieve it. Unfortunately freedom to the Macedonians did not come easily in spite of their effort. Not to Macedonia and not to my ancestors! One tyrant was replaced by three and instead of gaining its freedom Macedonia was again occupied and divided. Worse than before, in addition to losing their homeland, Macedonians now lost their identity and forcibly were made into Serbs, Bulgarians and Greeks.

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