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The Theft of a King: Who Stole Alexander (by J.S.G. Gandeto)

The aim of this work is to present to my readers the other side of the story, the one that 19th century European intellectuals have forgotten to tell, or purposefully neglected to mention in their portrayal of the Macedonians. I have attempted, with no heed to political correctness, to simply tell our view of the events that have taken place in the last few centuries and to show how these events affected the Macedonian people in general and their existence in particular. The various topics that I have covered and discussed with my opponents represent my views only; my heartfelt feelings and frustrations about the Macedonian plight that to many of you, was, and still is, terra incognita.

Macedonia’s Division was no Accident

Since the rise of the Macedonian Empire some 2,400 years ago until the 19th century, Macedonia and its people have been embroiled in many controversies but one factor has always remained a constant; their existence and identity were never questioned! Lesser nations and less famous people today have their own national identities and even their own countries, yet the Macedonians are still an enigma. Why?