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The double name formula is not okay

Some political figures in the Republic of Macedonia are in support of a „double name formula“ and maintain that if the rest of the world calls the Republic of Macedonia by its historic and constitutional name, Greece can call it „whatever it wants“. In other words the idea that Greece calls Macedonia whatever it wants is supported by some Macedonians.

Macedonians, philhellenes and Greeks – Rebuttal

When the Western-philhellenes came to Greece to begin their project, they found this mass of befuddled individuals completely immersed in their struggle for survival and oblivious to the significance of their immediate surroundings. Out of them, they were supposed to create a link between the ancient Greeks and the envisioned new Hellene.

„Hellenic Post“ Sabbotages EFA-Rainbow (Vinozito) Recent Election Campaign

In order to fill the „void“ resulting from the Greek media blackout of EFA-Rainbow’s election campaign, in the weeks leading up to the European elections of 7 June 2009, the party mailed out promotional material to voters in Northern Greece. The material was sent via the state-owned „Hellenic Post“ and included a letter, a DVD and ballot papers.

Европа гледа македонски филм еднаш на петнаесет години

Македонските филмови, со мали исклучоци, ретко се прикажуваат пред пошироката светска публика. Освен со учеството на филмските фестивали, тие не можат да се пофалат со… Weiterlesen »Европа гледа македонски филм еднаш на петнаесет години

Miller’s Brief an Obama stößt auf Kritik

In diesem Brief an seine Kollegen nimmt Prof. Daniel Tompkins (Temple University) Stellung zum Brief von Prof. Miller, der in einem Brief an den US-amerikanischen Präsidenten fordert, die USA müsse die Anerkennung der Republik Mazedonien zurücknehmen. Pelagon.de veröffentlicht den Brief zunächst auf englisch, demnächst auch auf deutsch.

To the students of Ancient Macedonian History

While taking subjective positioning on topics of ancient history dealing with events that have taken place thousands of years ago, shrouded in mystery and still under the veil of an inconclusive and controversial permanency, to a certain degree, is an acceptable act. Affirming your signature to a politically motivated petition, not only is not acceptable but it is also counterproductive, unethical and undermines the educational principles, the confidence and the trust inherent in the scholarly institutions and leaves a permanent stigma on the integrity of our educational system. Moreover, an act of such frivolousness, subjective and self-securing interest will not only erode the students´ morale, weaken their convictions but also chip away at the purity of their beliefs.