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„Hellenic Post“ Sabbotages EFA-Rainbow (Vinozito) Recent Election Campaign

Press Release from the EFA-RAINBOW Party:

Florina/Lerin – June 24, 2009

In order to fill the „void“ resulting from the Greek media blackout of EFA-Rainbow’s election campaign, in the weeks leading up to the European elections of 7 June 2009, the party mailed out promotional material to voters in Northern Greece. The material was sent via the state-owned „Hellenic Post“ and included a letter, a DVD and ballot papers.

Yesterday the party was informed by the Florina/Lerin office of „Hellenic Post“ that there was a package waiting to be picked up in the name of EFA-Rainbow (Vinozito).

When party officials went to the post office they were shocked to see that the package was a sack of letters that had not been delivered. The letters included bundles of letters sent to whole villages that had been returned to the Post Office.

Evidence of this scandalous incident can be found on You Tube:

EFA-Rainbow (Vinozito) condemns this interference by „Hellenic Post“ in the election campaign. It is yet another example of the sabotage by Greek state organs against EFA-Rainbow (Vinozito), the political party of the ethnic Macedonian minority of Greece.

The party will be making an official complaint to „Hellenic Post“ and will demand an explanation as to why the letters were not delivered. Legal action is also being considered to address this potentially criminal act.

The Press Office
of EFA-Rainbow