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The double name formula is not okay

By Risto Stefov


October 1, 2009


Some political figures in the Republic of Macedonia are in support of a „double name formula“ and maintain that if the rest of the world calls the Republic of Macedonia by its historic and constitutional name, Greece can call it „whatever it wants“. In other words the idea that Greece calls Macedonia whatever it wants is supported by some Macedonians.


But what does this mean?


Greece already calls the Republic of Macedonia, the entire Region of Macedonia, the Macedonian people and the Macedonian language and culture whatever it wants. So what’s in it for Greece?


Greece would love to have Macedonians agree to call Macedonia the country, the ethnic Macedonians, the Macedonian identity and everything Macedonian whatever it wants so then Greece can later say to the world „we cannot recognize a Macedonian minority living in Greece for several reasons; first and foremost we have an agreement with Skopje and as far as both Greece and Skopje are concerned there is no such minority living in Greece. Second, our agreement with Skopje will be violated if we recognize a Macedonian minority, not that one exists or ever existed.“


Agreeing to a double name formula with Greece will have disastrous effects and lasting consequences for many generations of Macedonians in the future. And this would be a disaster the Macedonian people would bring upon themselves. We have been pressured and fooled once to get into this „name game“ so shame on Greece and Western Europe for doing it but if we enter this in a second round then shame on us for being fooled twice. And believe me no one, not even our friends, will sympathize with us for being so naïve!


If the double name formula is implemented and goes into effect what will the Macedonians living in Greece call themselves? When willingly abandoned by their fellow Macedonians in the Republic of Macedonia, who will then care for the Macedonians in Greece? How will the Macedonians living inside and originating from Greece feel about this? Happy? I think not! Betrayed? And who will they blame for this betrayal? Haven’t the Macedonians under Greece suffered enough?


I can’t answer for every Macedonian from Greece but as a Macedonian from Greece I do qualify to answer some questions. The fact that any Macedonian considers that Greece should call me or any Macedonian from Greece whatever it wants is already a betrayal. I can understand the Greek desires motivated by greed and hatred to rid the Macedonians who stand between them and the Macedonian lands and riches they want to permanently possess, but I can never understand what would motivate Macedonians to „sell out the Macedonians in Greece“. Also, if those Macedonians who consider the „double name formula“ as a viable option knew what Greece has in store for them in the future, they would never agree to such a formula.


Just for the record, I will say this again. Greece has ambitions to annex the Republic of Macedonia one way or another. Their plan is to get rid of the Macedonian identity once and for all. Today Greece refuses to recognize anything Macedonian but internationally it is losing its hold. Tomorrow, particularly after the elections in Greece and after Australia recognizes Macedonia by its historic and constitutional name, Greece will change its stance and will agree to talk about the „double name formula“ which will put the Republic of Macedonia in yet another precarious position of its own making. The Republic of Macedonia will then be placed in yet another series of name talks, with vetoes, mind games, etc.; you get the picture. In the meantime Greece will be preparing its own people and the world pushing its new propaganda that beneath the Greek veneer are the true Macedonians, the true descendants of the ancient Macedonians. In other words, they will convince themselves and the world that Greek and Macedonian is synonymous and everyone in Greece is truly a Macedonian. I have many e-mails to prove that this is already happening. If we are not careful what we agree to and blindly sign agreements, Greeks will become Macedonians (and therefore Greeks) and the real Macedonians will vanish!


This may sound absurd, but what is more absurd, a bunch of Slavs, Albanians and Vlachs running around calling themselves Greeks, descendants of the ancient Greeks with no history and no evidence to prove it or a bunch of former Slavs, former Albanians, former Vlachs and Grkomans running around calling themselves „Macedonians, therefore Greeks“? Nothing is absurd about the Modern Greeks who are empowered by the lust of greed for Macedonian lands and wealth. It has always been about wealth and power and never about ethnicities and identities. If it was about ethnicities and identities, there would be no Greeks today, there would only be Albanians, Vlachs, Macedonians, Turks and others living in Greece.


Greece and Western Europe over the years have stacked up a lot of problems. One day, as the Macedonian identity strengthens, Greece and Western Europe will have to answer to these problems so you can appreciate why Greece and Western Europe are so anxious to see the Macedonians go away. If the Macedonians go away, disappear forever, Greece and the Western Europeans will never have to deal with these problems and at least this particular secret will be safe.


If we want to gain entry to various international institutions and if we want these problems to be handled properly then we must stand firm and say NO to the name negotiations. We are Macedonians, we have always been Macedonians and we must insist the world accept us for who we are, Macedonians. After all it is our legal right to be who we are!


As my final words, let me warn you, Greece will soon be populated by Macedonians of its own making and it will become a race to convince the world who is real and who is fake. Let me also remind you that Greece has all the resources in the world, is an expert at lies, and has powerful friends in Western Europe to help her achieve her dreams. What do we have if not our dignity? And are we willing to sell that out and for what?


If an agreement is reached and accepted by the Republic of Macedonia for Greece to call the Macedonians „whatever it wants“ what will the Republic of Macedonia call the Macedonians living inside Greece without violating this agreement? Food for thought!


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