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The Problem with Human Rights

Europe created Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania out of nothing and even though a Macedonia existed for over 3 millennium, Europe not only did NOT try to recreate it but it did its „best“ to eradicate it, put it out of its misery, make it extinct. Was this done on purpose or were those in charge at the time ignorant of history? I would say it was a bit of both! But my experience tells me that there is always more to it than meets the eye.

Given what the Europeans have done to Macedonia over the last century and a half, who in Europe today would like to see history revised? And how will the role of those „Great Europeans“ with their portraits hanging in the Great Western European Halls of Fame, who were involved in Macedonia’s demise, be explained in this „revised“ history? Will they still be seen as „Great Humanitarians“ who did „SO MUCH“ for the world by eradicating Macedonia or will they be defamed and turned into something else?

How many careers in Western Europe have been „made“ at the expense of the Macedonian people and what will these careers be worth when history is revised? How many halls of fame are occupied by people with such careers and how will they be viewed when the truth comes out?

So you can see why there is „Great Hesitation“ on the part of Europe to „Embrace“ Macedonia. And this is only the tip of the colossal iceberg.

I have been told to leave the past alone and let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak, but how can I? How can I remain silent knowing of all those injustices that were perpetrated against an innocent people? Besides, this „bright“ idea about giving human rights to minorities in Europe is not mine; it was a Western European idea, an idea born from the same people, „same Greek gods“ who not long ago decided the fate of nations; which nations would have their own countries and which would not. These are the same „Greek gods“ who decided there would be no Macedonia and the Macedonian ethnic identity must die. Well I have news for you; like the weeds you attempt to eradicate that come back year after year; the Macedonian ethnic identity is back and here to stay!

If Europe is not ready to get at the truth and liberate its minorities from their shackles then why dabble with the idea and tempt them with human rights?

Is Western Europe prepared to face the Macedonian people and the injustices it perpetrated against them? This is a „Yes“ or „NO“ question. If the answer is „yes“ then why hesitate? Why is Europe, the same Europe which „created“ Greece out of nothing at the expense of the Macedonians and others, allowing it to deny the Macedonian peoples‘ existence? Oh don’t tell me, could it be for the same reason that Europe allowed the Macedonian people in 1903 to take on the entire Ottoman might on their own? Hoping that the Ottomans would destroy the Macedonian nation once and for all so they wouldn’t have to? If I am wrong about this then tell me so but please explain to me why after liberating Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria you left Macedonia alone to take the full brunt of a disgruntled Ottoman Empire? Were the Macedonians not Christians and people like the others? So what is it that you have against the Macedonian people? And why play with their emotions if you have no intention of fulfilling your promises?

Why tempt people with offers of human rights when you have no intention of delivering? Or is this another one of those offers where the privileged get something and those stomped on get nothing. Why on one hand offer human rights to all minorities living in the European continent and on the other pass resolutions asking the Macedonian people to voluntarily commit „hari-kari“.

Europe created Greece and the circumstances for Greece to acquire Macedonian territories, fully populated with Macedonian people. Europe sanctioned Macedonia’s partition by signing Treaties without guaranteeing protection for the Macedonian people. Europe watched Greece commit monstrous acts against the Macedonian population and said and did nothing. Now that there is a Macedonian state on the horizon, Europe is asking the Macedonian people to change their name, which will result in ethnic suicide. Where is the „right“ in that? What are people expected to think of such demands? What kind of human rights is Europe offering when it is asking people to voluntarily off themselves, erase themselves from the face of the earth? And why should they do that? To repay Europe for the kindness it has shown for them in the last century and a half?

It’s time for all people around the world to learn that Western Europe has no intention of recognizing a Macedonian ethnic identity or offering the Macedonian people living in Greece and Bulgaria human rights.

Every European knows or should know that the so-called name dispute between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia is a ruse to side step real issues such as the cultural and ethnic genocide and other violent acts perpetrated by Greece and Bulgaria over the years against the Macedonian people. If Europe recognizes a Macedonian state then it must recognize a Macedonian people and everything that comes with it. If Europe does that then it must also come clean as to why over the years it not only refused to recognize a Macedonian ethnic identity but did everything possible to eradicate it. So is Europe really prepared to face the Macedonian people over this or is it just pretending to offer human rights to look good in front of the world? I guess time will tell!

But for now let us not fool ourselves into thinking that Europe has somehow changed and that is now more caring and gentle. Europe is still the same old racist place it always was but circumstances indeed have changed. Today, in spite of all odds, we have a Macedonian state in Europe and Europe must learn to live with it!

It seems that everyone, except for those who want to placate Greece and Western Europe, have no problem with the existence of a Macedonian state; judging by the number of countries that have recognized Macedonia by its proper name. Most countries that carry no past baggage would welcome another nation among the family of nations in this world. Because that is the proper thing to do. But even the most uninformed would have to wonder why would „nations on the same continent“ and even in the same neighbourhood not welcome such a nation? It makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

We can’t change the countries that exist on our continent as much as we can’t make our neighbours like us, when clearly they don’t, but at the same time we can’t afford to forever remain deaf and blind as to what is happening around us. It has become painfully obvious that Macedonia and the Macedonian people are not welcome in the European Union. This fact we must accept and stop negotiating with them, particularly our own ethnic demise, and move on. There are plenty of other continents, places and countries where we are welcome for who and what we are.

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By Risto Stefov, rstefov@hotmail.com, March 28, 2010