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Dritter Übergriff auf Mazedonier in Griechenland innerhalb weniger Tage

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27 year old Macedonian S. D. is the newest victim in Greece. He was forcibly stopped near Larissa, similarly to the three Macedonian truckers two days ago. S.D. was physically attacked and maltreated by 30 Greeks.

The Greeks took his documents and pulled out knives threatening and telling him to remove the „MK“ insignia from the back of his truck.

„They were purposely asking me where I am from, so I would say Macedonia. Two of the older Greeks wanted to attack me, but I backed down a little bit.“ says S.D.

Similar to previous Larissa incident, there were Greek police officers who stood on the side and watched. In three days, the 27 year old Macedonian from Strumica is the sixth victim to be maltreated because they are Macedonians.

According to Macedonian Diplomats, Mr. Karagaferis, from the Greek Ultranationalist party is behind the attacks. His people are watching the St Mary border crossing for Macedonian truckers. Once they cross the border, truck(s) are picked and the information is relayed to 30-50 hired thugs who attack the truckers. Trucks are stopped and attacked in same area in Greece, which is in indication everything is coordinated and not isolated as Erwan Fouere of the EU Office in Skopje claimed earlier today.