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Greek Government caught lying to their public, again

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Quelle: http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/4116/1/

The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo did not shift its position regarding the use of Macedonia’s name and it will still call the country by its constitutional name.

This is the note sent Thursday by the Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Congo’s authorities confirm that their position on Macedonia’s name remains unchanged, in line with the Communiqué on establishing diplomatic ties between the two countries, signed in September 1999.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki wrote a letter to the Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi, in which he expressed gratitude to the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo on using the constitutional name of Macedonia alongside 126 countries across the world.

It’s not clear what is the Greek Government gaining from manipulating its population. Greek Media boasted on the „success“ of Athens even though it knew they are misinforming the public. Of course, Panama, Mexico and now DR. Congo will disappear from the Greek media, until the next propaganda appears.

It has become more than obvious that ’news‘ coming out of Athens should not be taken seriously.

Hats off to the Macedonian Government who insisted they were not notified by DR Congo on the change of their stance and believed the African country will not change its stance. Right they were.

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