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FM Milososki: Greece’s goal is not only to change the name, but also Macedonia’s identity

Skopje, April 16 (MIA) – The dispute with Greece involves not only the name, but also it aims to harm the national and language identity of the people of Macedonia, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Milososki commenting a statement from Greek Ambassador to US Alexandros Mallias that the proposal „The Republic of Northern Macedonia“ might lead to a name solution.

– If those who believe that with easy and rash concessions with respect to the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia we will contribute to the strengthening of our national dignity, I deem they should question themselves, because pressures will not simply stop here. The ongoing dispute involves not only the name and the dispute has a concealed agenda, which gradually becomes more open, to harm the national and language identity of the Macedonian people. As politicians, journalists and citizens of Macedonia we have a sovereign right based on international norms and also an obligation to protect our national dignity, assessed Milososki.

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