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Modern Greece and the Macedonian Heritage – Part 13 – What is Greece up to?

By Risto Stefov, rstefov@hotmanil.com, March 29, 2009

So for Slavs, Albanians and Vlachs who want to be Greeks they can be Greeks because they feel like being Greeks but for Macedonians who are Macedonians and want to remain Macedonian, according to twisted Greek logic, they cannot be Macedonians! Why is that, why the double standard and what are the Greeks up to?

Well to put it bluntly, it is very simple. Greece has stolen Macedonian lands and has expropriated the entire Macedonian heritage. It doesn’t want anyone to know about it or have to give back what it stole from them. So instead of dealing with its issues Greece is making all kinds of childish accusations to avoid them. One of its most childish accusations is its claim that “Macedonians don’t exist”.

First and foremost everyone must understand that it is not up to Greece to decide whether Macedonians exist or not; it is up to the Macedonians and the Macedonian people decided a long time ago that they do exist and have spilled blood to establish themselves in this world. YES there are Macedonians and YES they exist all over the world and inside Greece and Bulgaria. Most of the world, except for Greece and Bulgaria and their European Union supporters who shall remain nameless, has accepted the fact that Macedonians exist and have no problem with it.

It is well known to historians and to most laymen that Macedonia was a “nation state” and even an empire with historic roots which proves its existence, whereas Greece was NEVER a nation state that is not until 1829 when the Philhellenes artificially created it. Greece has no proof of its existence as a nation state prior to that. In fact there is not a single ancient map that shows the words “Greek” or “Greece” to ever have existed.

If you have been reading these articles by now you should also know that “there is no such thing as a Greek” in a natural or ethnic sense. The Modern Greek nation was created by the 19th century Western European Philhellenes and rests on the bones of the Slav, Albanian and Vlach cultures which were sacrificed to artificially create Greece. Macedonians on the other hand are a genuine people who do have their own unique culture and recognize, acknowledge and respect their true roots.

Besides stealing Macedonian lands and expropriating the Macedonian heritage, the Greeks have also committed many atrocities against the Macedonian people of which I am sure they are not proud and of which they don’t want the world to know. These include burning Macedonian villages, killing innocent civilians, exiling families, exiling children, confiscating properties, imprisoning and torturing tens of thousands and downright murdering thousands of Macedonians. These are recent and well documented historic events that can easily be proven and cannot be denied.

On top of that Greece has also changed peoples’ personal and family names, changed all Macedonian place names and prohibited Macedonians from speaking their Macedonian language and from identifying as Macedonians. In fact Greece went even further and erased everything that was Macedonian including Macedonian inscriptions on public buildings, church icons and gravestones. Why did Greece do all this? Obviously it had a reason!

The reason Greece did all this is because it is hiding a deep dark secret, a secret it doesn’t want the world to know. So to avoid revealing this secret, Greeks will do anything to keep Macedonians distracted and away from these issues.

But as long as Macedonians pay attention to the Greeks, the Greeks will continue to engage them in their lies and rhetoric which will keep them busy and away from finding the truth. Greeks love nothing better than to engage people in nonsensical issues like the “name dispute” to keep them from finding out what truly matters to Greece, the “Macedonian lands”.

Greeks couldn’t care less what the world thinks of the “crazy debates” that go on between Macedonians and Greeks as long as they are distracting and not about what matters to Greece most, the “Macedonian lands”.

Greece would rather have the entire world believing that all Balkan people are crazy with nothing better to argue about than ancient names and who was who 2,000 years ago. And as long as the world thinks we are all crazy the Greeks will enjoy living in the warmth and luxury of our Macedonian homes while we freeze out in the cold. As long as we engage the Greeks in nonsensical issues and the world thinks we are crazy the Greeks will continue to pillage and rape our Macedonia, our inheritance from our fathers and grandfathers. And while the Greeks enjoy the comfort of our homes and lands we will roam the Diaspora as political and economic refugees.

You want the truth about Greece? This is the truth about Greece and our predicament with it! Macedonian homes and lands today are occupied by former Albanians, Vlachs and Asia Minor Turks who today call themselves Macedonians, themselves victims of Hellenism, while the real Macedonians are roaming the world living in foreign lands. And why is this? Because Greece wants to hold onto Macedonian lands at any cost, lands that do not belong to Greece, lands that Greece acquired by war in 1912, 1913 and against the wishes of the real Macedonian people.

Why is Greece making childish claims that “Macedonians don’t exist”? Why is Greece continuingly inventing new lies? So that it could lay claim to Macedonia, so that it could say that Macedonia belongs to Greece. So that it could forever steal our inheritance from us!

In order for Greece to “lay claim” to Macedonian lands, it must remove all other claimants who may have similar claims or who may challenge its claim. The only people who have legitimate claims to Macedonia and the Macedonian heritage are the Macedonian people themselves. So by denying the existence of the Macedonian identity Greece is in effect removing the Macedonian people from this equation. So, according to Greek logic, if Greeks continue to believe Macedonians do not exist they cannot challenge Greece’s claim to Macedonia: plain and simple.

In order to “lay claim” to the Macedonian lands and heritage Greece requires proof of ownership. So far however there were no reasons for Greece to show proof of ownership because there were no challengers to its claims. But with the appearance of the Republic of Macedonia, Greece is becoming increasingly insecure and feels that sooner or later those challengers are bound to surface. So to delay or divert those challenges Greece has invented a number of nonsensical issues such as “the name dispute” and the various vetoing threats to keep the Macedonian people busy and away from the main issue; challenging Greece’s hegemony over Macedonia, a land and heritage that does not belong to Greece, a land and heritage that belongs to the Macedonian people. And there ladies and gentlemen lies the crux of the entire problem.

Now for those who think they know Greece! (This includes most Greeks and many foreigners)

No one knows Greece’s attitude towards the Macedonians better than the Macedonians themselves who have lived in Greece. No one knows Greece better than the Macedonians who have experienced Greek justice first hand. Being Macedonian from Greece and having lived in Greece we qualify, more than anyone, to judge for ourselves what Greece is and why Greece is behaving the way it is. We have a good idea of what it is like to be abused by Greece and Greeks and I can assure you our story is not a pretty one. We know exactly what the Greeks are capable of, what they will do and how far they will go to hold onto Macedonia. And as Macedonians from Greece we know that there is but one real issue to focus on and that is the lands the Greeks have stolen from the Macedonians; everything else is trivial.

Everything that Greece has done to this day was done to safeguard its hold on the Macedonians lands. By what it has done to this day is proof that Greece will stop nothing short of exterminating the entire Macedonian nation in order to safeguard its hold on Macedonian lands and to hide the atrocities it has committed against the Macedonian people.

The so-called “name dispute”, veto threats, history lessons, etc., etc., that Greece continues to invent are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to hide the only tangible item Greece values “the Macedonian lands”.

“The recent furor over the publication of a relatively mild historical and ethnographic account of the progressive Hellenization of the Greek province of Macedonia (Karakasidou 1997) exhibits both the nervousness of the Greek establishment and the persistence of stereotypes of Greeks as irrational, hysterical Balkan lunatics among supposedly sober commentators in the West. It also demonstrates the neuralgia that anthropology can induce in those who are committed to unitary myths of national origin…” (“Theoretical Practice in Culture and Society, Anthropology” by Michael Herzfeld, page 68).

Are Greeks who know their own true identities and who are well aware of how they acquired Macedonian lands nervous? You bet they are! More nervous than ever since the Republic of Macedonia came into existence and the Macedonian people started to take matters into their own hands.

Greece was launched in early 19th century like a sailing ship without a rudder. What happened to it was not entirely its own fault. But since then Greece had all the time in the world and plenty of opportunities to build a rudder and change direction. But as of yet it hasn’t! Instead of joining the post World War II democratic nations and embracing democracy, Greece has chosen to remain static; a racist bigot nation which refuses to submit to the truth and reality of its own situation.

For those who are still not convinced that the Modern Greek identity is an artificial creation, please continue to read this series of articles.

To be continued….