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Independent Balkan News Agency (IBNA)OP/ED: The attitude of Bulgarian chauvinism in the Macedonian issue

By Newsroom / Published on: 02/12/2020 (Englisch)

A serious complication has arisen in our region due to the chauvinistic stirring of the Macedonian issue by the radical nationalists of Bulgaria. They are either purely right-wing, like the incumbent Minister of Defense for some other Bulgarian politicians who want to support their election campaign and their personal strategies. “Surprisingly”, some in Athens “admire” the far right in Sofia and demand that Greece follow in their footsteps and submit to their choices! For example, to support the Bulgarian demand that the occupation of then-southern Yugoslavia not be described as a “fascist occupation”. The circles “admiring” the Bulgarian alt-right should let us know if Greece should stop regarding the Bulgarian fascist occupation during the Second World War as an occupation indeed. Der vollständige Interview findet sich unter folgendem Link: „The attitude of Bulgarian chauvinism in the Macedonian issue